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Cycling Injuries Mar20th 2024

How Does Physical Therapy Help In Preventing Cycling Injuries?

Are you tired of dealing with knee pain every time you go out for a ride on your cycle? Have you tried adjusting the fit of your bike but still have pain? At Island Health Physical Therapy, in Riverhead, our physical therapists have proven success treating cyclists and can help ensure a proper fit on

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Occupational Therapy Mar10th 2024

Occupational Therapy Can Help You Recover After an Injury

Are you struggling with your day-to-day tasks since injuring your wrist or hand? Did you recently hurt your fingers, break your wrist or have surgery? Too often, we take for granted how vital the health of our hands is for our everyday life. At Island Health Physical Therapy, our occupational therapists specialize in treating the

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Poor Sleep Issues Feb20th 2024

Physical Therapy Guide: How To Improve Poor Sleep Issues

Have you been struggling to get a restful night’s sleep? Does pain wake you up and make it hard to fall asleep again? At Island Health Physical Therapy in Riverhead, our physical therapists are highly skilled at helping to identify the sources of your sleep problems and helping you find solutions so you can enjoy

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